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Automotive Auction Software

Automotive auction software that’s designed for Auto Auctioneers.

If your auto auction business needs to move more vehicles out the door, our automotive auction software is the answer. Our software platform sits on your website. We’ve been powering online automotive auctions since 2007.  So we know the formula for success.

Automotive auctions can suit either the Live streamed webcast or Timed Auction format, so we give you both. 

Automotive Streaming Auction Software- App-Free on mobile devices

New streaming technology means that bidders no longer need to waste time downloading apps. You can now stream video to mobile bidders App-Free.

Proven to Sell More Vehicles.
More bidders. Higher prices.

Timed or live webcast format?

Automotive auctions lend themselves well to both the Live webcast and Timed Auction format.  You will be able to create more atmosphere and interaction at your auction event while creating more competition for every vehicle you sell. 

 âŹ± The power of timed auctions 

Automotive timed auctions automatically run on your website once they’re scheduled to start. Set and forget. This gives you the time to focus on your auction marketing activities. You can add pictures,  vehicle multiple videos, and PDFs condition reports. Also, consider adding ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Make an Offer’ options to your auction to keep things interesting.

 đźŽĄ The excitement of live webcast auctions  

Create excitement and entertainment for your brand and auction event by streaming Live video and audio in real-time.  Your online bidders will enjoy a highly interactive and engaging experience on any device.

Runs from your own website  

It runs from your own website. Build your own brand and develop your own online business. We will give you everything you need to make running online automotive auctions a big success.

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