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Webtron Online Auction Software v8 AI Revolution

Published on March 22nd, 2023

Webtron is excited to announce our latest innovation – the introduction of cutting-edge AI online auction software technology into the webtron white label online auction portal.

Webtron has already showcased the new innovative AI technology to our clients and canvassed the immediate opportunities it presents. Along with a future blueprint of AI auction technology possibilities.

Webtron is delighted our clients have enthusiastically endorsed the webtron AI Auction blueprint and vision. The AI execution rollout begins immediately.

Since 2007 Webtron has a growing list of white label online auction software clients, in all auction verticals globally including Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and US.

When Webtron promised 2023 would be a year of innovation and development, we meant it.

Webtron v8 AI online auction software innovation ‘Simple for Bidders and Powerful for Auctioneers’

Webtron AI roll out is designed to make online auction management easier and more efficient. With the new AI tools, auction teams can enjoy real-time support and personalised assistance.

Our AI tools use machine learning algorithms to analyse and understand auction data, providing personalised insights and assistance to auction admins. By automating common tasks and streamlining workflows, our AI tools help to reduce the workload for auction admin teams, allowing them to focus on what matters most – running successful auctions.

In the first stage, our AI tools are only available for auction administrators. Webtron AI online auction software is an advanced version of the Webtron online auction software platform that utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to improve the auction process.

Furthermore we are excited about the potential for expanding its use to include bidder AI tools in the very near future. Our team is committed to continuous innovation and improvement, and we’re always looking for new ways to help our clients succeed.

In conclusion, Webtron’s new AI tools are providing innovative solutions for auction teams looking to streamline their workflow and stay ahead of potential issues. With real-time 24/7 support, personalised assistance, our AI tools help auction teams run successful auctions without the added stress of common tasks.

Webtron AI Timeline:

2007: Webtron made history by helping sell Australia’s first house via an online auction back in 2007. Nationwide TV and newspaper coverage ensured.

2010: Webtron was among the first in the world to offer its clients branded mobile bidding via mobile apps. The mobile bidding revolution begins.

2017: A technology breakthrough allows Webtron to remove the need for mobile bidding apps years before its competitors. Mobile bidding is now completely app-free for the first time. Webtron clients reported an immediate spike in sales.

2023: Webtron AI develops a blueprint and an immediate rollout AI auction software for its clients. The AI Auction revolution begins.

It’s ‘Simple for Bidders and Powerful for Auctioneers’.

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